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Yo, listen up, let me tell you a tale
‘Bout legal issues and some posts for sale
From disabilities to holidays and wages too
The world of law is deep, so let’s break it down for you

Got a disability? You got rights, don’t you fear
Check out persons with disability law right here(link)
For expert legal services, credence law firm got the game
Get yourself covered, they’ll treat you never the same(link)

Fort Lee is the place, for legal needs, they won’t lie
Check out fort lee legal services, at their piece of the pie(link)
And if you’re in NC, got a business, you see
The llc business license, it’s the way to be(link)

Need a notary statement, gotta get it done right
Check out sample jurat notary statement, keep it tight(link)
And when the holidays come, you need to stay in the know
List of legal holidays 2023, plan your year, so you glow(link)

China’s got a trade agreement, what’s it all about?
Get the lowdown, you’ll figure it out, no doubt(link)
But when it’s payday, and you see deductions bore
Legal deductions from wages, know your rights to the core(link)

Hatcher Law Group got the PC, for your legal game
Expert legal services, they’ll make it so lame(link)
And when it’s all hush hush, you need an agreement to seal
Non-disclosure agreement, keep it hidden, it’s a steal(link)

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